About us

At QPS, we have a passion for creative excellence, superior programs and outstanding service. We are deeply committed to developing and maintaining close relationships with our continuously growing list of satisfied customers.

Our manufacturing partnerships give us access to art departments talent that creates everything from fabulous traditional art, which is expertly drawn and hand painted, to contemporary and masterful computer graphics. The "heart" of each greeting card - the verse - is especially crafted by the Editorial Department of our partners, to express the appropriate "level of intimacy" between the sender and the recipient. Cards use intricate finishes including die-cuts, French folds, flock, embellishments, foil, glitter, emboss and high-gloss coating. This is how greeting card magic happens!

Our expert sales staff has many years of experience in the greeting card industry and is renowned for its customer care and responsiveness. The Entire Sales VP staff and Regional Sales Managers take great pride in helping build store sales and making regular visits. They share successful ideas, present new products and programs, analyze product turns, review seasonal sales and even train department managers when needed. Sales and service are their top priorities, as satisfied customers readily attest.

Our Customer Service Department is one of the best. Working hand-in-hand with our Sales Department and other key areas, they share the passion and understand the need for timely assistance. Highly knowledgeable and personable, they are happy to go the extra distance answering questions on products, programs and shipments, in addition to processing orders.

Our expert Marketing and Technology Department identifies demand and trends through hands-on market research and analysis using proprietary automated technologies developed in-house. These technologies run every day, analyzing data at the pocket level in each customer, thus, giving us real-time data as to trends and space to sales data. This analysis gives Our company and edge in developing effective plans, programs, materials and products to best meet the needs of our important consumer target audience and retailers.

Our conscientious Office Management and Planogram Departments, working side-by-side with Sales, set it all up to run smoothly – from customized stock control systems to layouts customized by channel of trade.

Our efficient Operations Department sets the industry Gold standard. Known for superior order turnaround time, our warehousing and distribution facility picks and ships orders received by 3 pm on the same day. This allows our retail customers to operate on minimum inventory levels without empty pockets and lost sales, and generate a higher return on investment. QPS seasonal reorders are also available up to the day before all major holidays. Our fill rate of 99.7% also sets the industry gold standard, keeping everything, including best-sellers, in stock.

Our highly knowledgeable Information Technology Department streamlines the ordering process through innovative applications that allow our customers to place orders in minutes and track seasonal inventory with ease. Our proprietary web based tools are available to allow simple order Entry and inventory tracking among many other features. Our automated UPC distribution program allows immediate delivery of UPC's. Our UPC System can deliver a variety of formats to meet any customers software needs. Integrating our products into our customers POS systems is our staff's expertise, as well as pleasure.

Last but not least, our Accounting Department understands the daily challenges of retail, facilitates the payment process and strives to help our customers in the best ways possible.

QPS - The perfect choice for every occasion and the perfect choice for retailers and consumers alike.

Our Approach

To deliver a more favorable future for our customers by improving their sales and profits per square foot through superior service, system solutions, quality products, and value programs.

The world is built on trust - without it nothing happens. Our word to our customer and our fellow employees is a contract and we should deliver what we promise.