Our Services

Products that Excite!

We fill card departments totaling more than 200 linear feet and are experts at customizing store layouts and planograms. We offer a wide variety of greeting card racks, spinners and corrugated floor displays. Our racks have 12 to 15 tiers, and our single, double, triple and quad spinners have 16 to 192 pockets. Our corrugated display for holiday cards and products is available in 2-foot and 4-foot section for use alone or with other displays.

Store Decor

We produce attractive and effective everyday and seasonal in-store signage for our retail customers to create an inviting environment that will point customers to our quality product lines and values. Our everyday store POP carefully combines color-coordinated title finders, caption strips, category flags and 3-D icons for an easy-to-navigate atmosphere. Everyday lifestyle posters targeting greeting card purchasers and recipients are available, too. We also offer seasonal décor kits for major holidays throughout the year.

Service that Performs!

QPS Prides itself, not only with products that support service, but with service that supports products. Our merchandising team is much more than just servicing cards. We have a unique internal proprietary web based system that allows us to manage our people. The service aspect of QPS stand on its own as we service a variety of different product for other companies all throughout the US. We service everything from cards to umbrellas and everything in between for accounts such as Walmart.